See Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon Perform Ruth Bader Ginsburg Tribute Song

Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon has dropped new song “Your Honor,” a tribute to the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg during the first installment of his “Visit With Vernon” campaign. “Visit With Vernon” is a contest where Wisconsin natives on the fence about voting can be nominated to have a private meeting with Vernon “to talk thoughtfully about why voting matters,” and it’s part of his recently launched For Wisconsin voting initiative.

In the visual, which was filmed outdoors in Vernon’s hometown of Eau Claire, he meets with contest winners Benny, who nominated friend and unsure voter Eric. They discuss Eric’s dismay with the derision between parties and the two-party system itself, as well as the importance of voting. Vernon then performs “Your Honor.”

“I wrote a song on Friday which I never do anymore,” Vernon says to introduce the song. “I kinda wrote it right after we heard about Ruth Bader Ginsburg passing. She just opened so many doors for so many people that people don’t even understand or realize. And her service to the nation I think is still somehow underestimated.”

“Time’s getting shorter and shorter,” he sings. “Why waste your fine life?/See it’s already fostered in for ya’/Can’t you just feel for another?/I implore ya’.”

“This is farther and farther from over/You’re in the margins of time,” Vernon sings to conclude the contemplative song. “What say you, what say your honor?”

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