Roger Daltrey, Harry Hudson Talk Cancer, Recovery in Interview Excerpt

To mark National Cancer Survivors Day today, the Who’s Roger Daltrey — co-founder of Teen Cancer America — and singer Harry Hudson, who survived Hodgkin’s lymphoma, have shared a preview of their upcoming conversation about the disease.

In this preview from the 15-minute chat, Daltrey talks about the importance of fundraising events; as Daltrey and Pete Townshend are the co-founders of Teen Cancer America, the Who frequently stage benefit concerts for their foundation, which helps young adults battle the disease.

“If the American artists get behind doing this and putting on events, we can have America completely covered in probably 10 years, and that would be around 90 hospitals,” Daltrey says.

Hudson also offered advice to those currently battling cancer. “Don’t push away the dissecting; embrace the pain or the joy or the sorrow you feel, or the hurt. Embrace it, and start slowly letting go.”

The full conversation between Daltrey and Hudson will arrive later in June, which also marks  National Cancer Survivors Month.

In 2018, Hudson discussed his cancer battle with Rolling Stone, and how diagnosis at age 20 and subsequent chemotherapy treatment influenced his songwriting; two of the songs on his debut album Yesterday’s Tomorrow Night were written while he was going through chemo, inspired by a woman who told him to “put music before the cancer.”

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