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On the one year anniversary of Mariah Carey’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve performance, the legendary singer’s Twitter account has been hacked.

A user appearing to jokingly claim numerous identities and Twitter handles began tweeting from Carey’s account at 3:23 p.m. PT, posting that “Eminem can still hold this p—y….” Another tweet read that “Eminem has a little penis.” The hacker also exhorted Carey’s followers to follow specific handles to get follows back after they were “done.”

More than 50 tweets have been posted since the account was hacked, some using the n-word and referring to the Chuckling Squad, a hacker group that was responsible for the hacking of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s account, as well as other celebrities. At least one arrest was made in connection with the hacking of Dorsey’s account.

According to Motherboard, Dorsey’s hack was carried out using a technique called SIM-swapping, where hackers trick a wireless provider like T-Mobile or Verizon into giving control of a phone number. Hackers can then gain access to two-factor authentication SMS codes post tweets via Twitter’s now-defunct text-to-tweet functionality. It’s unknown if Carey’s hacking was carried out the same way.

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