King Princess Meets Virtual Self for ‘Only Time Makes It Human’ Video

King Princess has returned with the new single “Only Time Makes It Human.” The Brooklyn-born singer-songwriter released her debut album Cheap Queen last year.

On the new song that was produced by King Princess and Mike Malchicoff with additional production by Mark Ronson, the singer reflects on a heartbreak that she can’t quite shake. “And it sucks that I think about her/’Cause thinking ’bout her leaves me lonely,” she sings above an icy Eighties synth track. “And it’s not that I wanna suffer/But thinking of her keeps me going.”

The video was directed by Quinn Wilson, Lizzo’s longstanding creative director. In her flesh-and-blood form, King Princess only appears through a screen, either behind a camcorder, on a computer or through a series of television sets. The real star is her virtual avatar, designed by Pastelae, who is viewing all the versions of KP on screen. 

This is King Princess’ first new song since she dropped the deluxe edition of her 2019 album Cheap Queen. She was due out on tour this April in Europe, opening for Harry Styles, before the tour had to be postponed due to the ongoing pandemic. It is tentatively set for this coming spring. 

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