Juicy J Blasts His Record Label on Diss Track ‘Fuk Columbia Records’

UPDATE: Juicy J has pulled the diss track “Fuk Columbia Records” after speaking with his label. “We are all good,” the rapper wrote on Instagram Saturday.

Juicy J has dropped the new diss track “Fuk Columbia Records,” which features the Three 6 Mafia rapper blasting his record label.

The track, uploaded onto Soundcloud Saturday, follows a series of tweets Juicy J fired late Friday that accused the label of withholding his music as well as taking credit for his work, Variety reported, adding that the rapper also called out Columbia chairman and CEO Ron Perry in an Instagram story. Columbia Records did not immediately respond to Rolling Stone‘s request for comment.

“I gave @ColumbiaRecords 20+ years of my life & they treat me like back wash,” Juicy J tweeted prior to releasing the track. “Fuk @ColumbiaRecords I’m gonna leak my whole album stay tuned.”

The rapper also changed his Twitter avatar to an image of Prince with the word “Slave” handwritten on his cheek, a nod to that singer’s war with Warner Bros. over two decades ago; the “Fuk Columbia Records” artwork also bears the Prince photo, and the track samples Prince’s Soul Train Awards speech from 2000:

“Fuck Columbia Records, tell them bitches count their days / Since I have all these chains, they must think a nigga a slave,” Juicy J says on the track. “Juicy ain’t no ho / If I waited on Columbia, then I’d be out here broke / I sold albums, sold out tours, but I never sold my soul.”

Juicy J also issued a warning to fellow artists of Columbia, “They throw a contract in your face, want you to sign your life away. Fuck ’em.”

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