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On the day after music’s biggest night of the year, we’re pleased to welcome readers to the first branch of RS Pro: a dynamic email newsletter for readers obsessed with the music business.

What is this?

RS Pro is for insiders who run — or aspire to run — the global multibillion-dollar music business. And it’s for those not in the business but watching from the sidelines, itching to know exactly how it all works. The product launching today is Rolling Stone’s first dynamic newsletter with exclusive content that lives in email format alone; it’s also our first-ever project tailored around the inner workings of the music industry. On a weekly basis, we’ll bring you our best reporting, our most incisive takes, behind-the-scenes details of our investigations, and the latest Rolling Stone charts, not to mention the most intriguing rumors we’ve heard and the latest drama from inside the business.

So RS Pro is an email?

Not just an email. Today’s newsletter is only the start. Look out in coming weeks for the next phase of RS Pro, which will bring brand-new tools, bold storytelling formats, exclusive reports, deep dives, analytics, and other first-of-their-kind features that prove crucial for anyone who works in music. RS Pro products are for anyone who lives and breathes music. We can’t wait to share more soon—and those who sign up for our email newsletter be the first to know.

How do I sign up for the email or future RS Pro products?

View, subscribe to, and share the newsletter by clicking here — you’ll get our weekly installments, as well as updates on future products, exclusive announcements, and a plethora of other great things. You can also sign up by visiting this page.

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