Interstellar: new epic sci-fi drama about space travel and saving the Earth

Interstellar is the latest in space exploration fantasy with impressive cast including Matthew McConaughey and Matt Damon. The overall feel of reality and impending doom for planet Earth and the need to search for new planets presented through careful choice of real life family living on a farm and struggling with dying crops.


The film is different to your typical Hollywood sci-fi flick in its realistic and down-to-earth humility of the opening scenes, developing into a real space Odyssey later with good graphics and reasonable special effects.


There are truly breathtaking moments there when we travel through black holes, landing on new planets full of water and gigantic waves. Very much worth a trip to the cinema to see it all on big screen. If I had to criticise something, I’d pick on occasional tedious conversations and cliché hooks here and there, but overall a good experience. Matthew McConaughey and Matt Damon even indulge in a short but intense fist fight in space suits towards the end of the movie….

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