Film review: Force Majeure (Swedish Cinema)

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The new Swedish film Force Majeure is released in English speaking countries with subtitles. The actors mainly speak in Swedish and entire scene revolves around a hotel room in a ski resort and involves a family facing controlled avalanche situation while dining. This scares the wits out of Thomas, who abandons his wife and kids and runs for cover. He later returns and faces that awkward situation which creates tension for the rest of the film.

Swedish cinema is not very well known internationally and has that feel of going to Ikea store. There’s lots of bits and bobs there, all seemingly useful, but not everything is working and not everything is to your taste, but in the end, after eating a portion of meat balls you feel satisfied. There are fun moments in the film, the story however is somewhat slow moving and concludes on a fairly simple note. It is a relatively good entertainment overall.

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