David Lynch and a Monkey Just Released Two New Songs

Earlier this week, David Lynch surprise-released a characteristically bizarre short film, What Did Jack Do?, in which he plays a hard-boiled cop interrogating an unlikely murder suspect: a monkey named Jack Cruz.  Not only does Jack talk back to the cop in the film, he also sings, and now Lynch and the suit-wearing monkey have released a special seven-inch single via Sacred Bones.

Written by Lynch and Dean Hurley, both tracks — “True Love’s Flame” and “Dancin’ in the World of Love” — are hilariously sentimental ballads filled with slow, soft drums and saccharine strings. Jack’s voice is a ridiculous back-of-the-throat croon, and it’s truly a joy to close your eyes and envision a tiny monkey singing “I’m walking with you/I’m walking in the world of love.”

“True Love’s Flame” and “Dancin’ in the World of Love” are both available to stream and purchase digitally via BandCamp. A physical seven-inch, 45 RPM vinyl single is also available to preorder, and will be released this spring.

What Did Jack Do? marked Lynch’s first project since the third-season revival of Twin Peaks. His last traditional theatrical feature was 2006’s Inland Empire.

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