A Christmas Rose and Other Stories (Christmas Books) by Bessie Hatton

9781911144458It was in a desolate London lodging-house that Marietta’s courage gave way. In Italy she could live and be merry on the most frugal fare. A little polenta, a handful of grapes, and a piece of bread sufficed for a good meal. Not so in London; nor were there grapes or polenta even if she desired nothing else. The poor little heart needed nourishment against the gloom and harass of the great dull city. So she laid her head upon her brother’s breast in a fit of despair and wept bitterly.

Bessie Hatton was the youngest daughter of Joseph Hatton, playwright and novelist and was educated at a convent school in the Ardennes and at Bedford College, London. She made her first appearance as an actress in 1887 in a provincial company and appeared in New York. Her best written work includes fairy stories, A Christmas Rose, Village of Youth, His Master Passion.

A Christmas Rose and Other Stories (Christmas Books) by Bessie Hatton, ISBN: 9781911144458, Sovereign, 92 pp

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