Amazon Studios Cancels SXSW Plans Due to Coronavirus Concerns – Variety

Amazon Studios will no longer be going to SXSW, Variety has learned. The two screenings and panels planned for “Tales of the Loop” and “Upload,” in addition to a consumer marketing activation, have been canceled amid concerns over the spread of coronavirus.

The move follows Facebook and Twitter’s recent decisions to withdraw their participation from the annual music, technology and entertainment festival in Austin, Texas. It is not yet clear whether activities associated with non-studio divisions of Amazon have been canceled as well.

The Amazon Prime Video marketing activation had been planned in partnership with Entertainment Weekly. The outlet sent out a note Tuesday night, citing “health concerns” as the reason for its cancellation.

The fear of the ongoing epidemic, which is believed to have originated in Wuhan, China, has slowly begun to spread through Hollywood, prompting studios and networks to pull out of events and restrict nonessential travel.

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