Photosynthesis by Vera Polozkova

vm-Glupaya loshad'Russians are raving about this young extremely talented poet as she conquers their hearts and minds by storm. Her concerts attract crowds that top selling pop starts can only dream of. Audiences of all ages report incredible experience of enlightenment, inspiration and emotional connection. If we were to describe Vera Polozkova simply as a young revolutionary poet and very talented performer it would be a massive understatement. Vera Polozkova is a true artist of her time shining so bright that her light travels through galaxies to absorb and bring back that universal wisdom and passion. Her concerts are an incredible fusion of confession, revelation, meditation, awakening and self realisation. It helps if you speak some Russian, but not essential. Experience the full strength of subtle unique energy emanating from Vera Polozkova’s Photosynthesis.

Vera Polozkova is a sensational young poetess capable of impossible – turning attention of internet addicted youths towards poetry. Vera was able not only to attract incredibly large audiences to her readings, she inspired new generations to love poetry passionately, to read it and even compose and communicate poetically. A refreshingly sincere, passionate, and hugely talented artist and performer Vera Polozkova is leading modern Russian poetry scene into new era of enlightenment and inspiration. Born in Moscow, Vera started writing poetry at the age of five. Her debut audio production ‘Photosynthesis’ has been re-issued and republished dozens of times since its first release in 2008.

Photosynthesis by Vera Polozkova, ISBN: 9781910382905, Sovereign, Download MP3 Audio Book:,  Scribd

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