Deroy Murdock: Democrats are to blame for 2020 post-election hanky-panky

The polls closed on Tuesday night, and Americans still don’t know who won the presidency. As usual, when things go haywire, Democrats are to blame.

Democrats are 100 percent responsible for the dog’s breakfast that the Trump-Biden race has become. They exploited COVID-19 to expand mass-mail-in ballots. In-person voting was too risky, they insisted. Then they demanded early in-person voting. Which was it?

Democrat politicians and liberal judges weakened or abandoned signature-verification rules, expanded vote harvesting, and extended deadlines for submitting ballots beyond Election Day. They dropped requirements that ballots be postmarked by midnight on November 3.

Perhaps bowing to multiculturalism, Democrats have turned America’s voting system into something that even the Third World would scorn.  


Nevada Democrats got this ugly ball rolling by blasting ballots across the Silver State, as if from a confetti cannon. These were not standard absentee ballots requested by actual voters who were sick, infirm, or away. Instead, Democrats sent unrequested ballots to every registered voter. So, no surprise, sacred ballots got mailed to inactive, relocated, and even dead voters.

Las Vegas resident Jim Murphy was disgusted last month to find 15 such ballots strewn about the pavement at his apartment complex and, sickeningly, inside a nearby trash can.

Mass-mail-in ballots litter the sidewalk outside a Las Vegas apartment building, October 2020. Photo courtesy of Jim Murphy.
Mass-mail-in ballots litter the sidewalk outside a Las Vegas apartment building, October 2020. Photo courtesy of Jim Murphy.
(Photo courtesy of Jim Murphy.)

“I’m sure this is happening all over the state,” he told me. “I’m very concerned my vote gets canceled out by one of these orphan ballots.” Murphy returned these ballots to his building’s management and hoped for the best. Were others so honest? Who knows?

“Mail-in voting is not how our Founding Fathers intended for us to vote. I believe that the Democrats know this was going to happen, and that is exactly what they wanted,” Murphy added. “Sending ballots out to everyone who ever registered is simply nothing but chaos! And it leaves the opportunity for fraud.”

Mass-mail-in ballots sit atop junk mail in a trash can beside a Las Vegas apartment building, October 2020. Photo courtesy of Jim Murphy.

Mass-mail-in ballots sit atop junk mail in a trash can beside a Las Vegas apartment building, October 2020. Photo courtesy of Jim Murphy.

No wonder President Donald J. Trump calls these “The phony ballots that are all crooked as hell.”

Democrats have diluted or scrapped signature-verification standards. Most Nevada counting machines accept ballot envelopes with signatures that match those on-file at least 50 percent. Clark County (Las Vegas) Democrats are counting ballots that match just 40 percent (a 60 percent mismatch). This is a forger’s dream.

Further breaking the chain of custody between ballots and election officials, Democrats pushed ballot drop-off boxes, which sat on sidewalks, unsupervised. Brilliant. In Baldwin Park, California, an arsonist ignited one such box. Mayor Manuel Lozano said nearly 100 ballots were burned or wet. Were these ballots legitimate, or did fraudsters complete mass-mail ballots on behalf of dead or relocated voters? Who knows?

In Boston, a derelict named Worldly Armand allegedly torched a drop box near Copley Square. Among 122 ballots involved, 35 were too torched to tabulate.

Nice work, Democrats.

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With no poll workers to guard them, at least three dozen ballots were found in bags of stolen mail tossed into a Seattle-area ditch, according to Washington State officials. Near Louisville, Kentucky, 112 absentee ballots headed for Zip code 40299 were discovered in a dumpster. Authorities charged a now-dismissed Postal Service employee. While the blank ballots eventually got delivered, how many such ballots languish in landfills or, even worse, got submitted by cheaters? Who knows?

Skullduggery aside, the Democrats’ mass-mail-in ballot panacea turns out to be snake oil, among other factors, thanks to the inconsistent U.S. Postal Service. USPS aims for 97 percent correct, timely delivery of electoral and political mail. Thus, 3 percent failure is not a bug. It’s a feature. With Biden and Trump separated today in some states by mere decimal points, not delivering 3 percent of mail-in ballots profoundly could influence this race and, frankly, American history.

That makes this news downright disturbing: The Washington Post reports that USPS did not deliver some 150,000 ballots by Election Day. In five swing states, USPS properly delivered just 84.6 percent of electoral mail. As the Post explained: “That means roughly 15 out of every 100 ballots in processing plants were not sorted — or delivered — in time.” This included 2,958 in North Carolina and 3,439 in Pennsylvania. Fairly or not, these late arrivals will be counted.


Meanwhile, the 864 late ballots in Arizona and 853 in Georgia were disqualified. With Biden leading Trump in the Peach State by just 1,557 votes at this writing, the absence of that many “It’s too late, baby” votes could have an enormous impact on the final outcome.

Epic fail.

Furthermore, since Election Day, dodgy deeds have unfolded across Democrat-led jurisdictions.

•California will count Election-Day-postmarked ballots that arrive through November 20, the Friday before Thanksgiving! That’s seventeen days after Election Day and 43 days since mail-in ballots were distributed on October 5. Come on, man!

•In Atlanta, Georgia, Republican poll watchers have been ordered out of vote-tabulation facilities. According to one poll worker’s affidavit, verboten ballots that arrived after Election Day are being comingled with genuine votes.

•“We want all the Republican challengers out of this room!” yelled a man wearing an official-looking lanyard in a Detroit, Michigan, vote-counting facility. As GOP observers were forced out, people in BLM shirts reportedly applauded. In a literal assault on transparency, the tabulation room’s windows were papered over to conceal actions within.

•In North Carolina, mail-in ballots may arrive for tabulation until November 9. Democrats begged for this extra time. Tarheel ballots began arriving September 5 — 59 days before November 3. Was that too little time for Democrats?

•A Pennsylvania judge ordered election officials to let Republicans observe vote counts at six feet of social distance. GOP witnesses previously were kept 30 to 100 feet away, behind police barricades. Some watched the tally through binoculars.

Pennsylvania’s Democrat-dominated Supreme Court accepted mail-in ballots until November 6, violating state law. Postmarks and matching signatures are optional. What could go wrong?

Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight reported via Twitter on Wednesday: “Two more batches of Pennsylvania vote were reported: -23,277 votes in Philadelphia, all for Biden -about 5,300 votes in Luzerne County, nearly 4,000 of which were for Biden.”

The first figure is terrifying and demands immediate investigation. Second, 4,000 votes among 5,300 in Luzern County represents 75.5 percent for Biden. Strange: Real Clear Politics finds Biden losing there with 42.2 percent versus 56.8 percent for Trump.

Allegheny County (Pittsburgh) officials announced at Noon Thursday, that staff would handle administrative duties and resume counting on Friday. Evidently, they had more urgent business than determining America’s next president.

•Milwaukee’s Voting Ward 326 enjoyed a stunning 125 percent turnout among its registered voters. In fact, 122 such wards saw participation at or above 80 percent, outpacing Wisconsin’s 72.3 percent turnout and America’s at 66.3 percent. Such stratospheric civic engagement is either highly admirable or highly suspicious.

The great news is that Team Trump will not roll over and lose gracefully. Rather than tolerate these Democrat shenanigans, the president’s attorneys have filed suit to protect all legal votes and disqualify fraudulent ballots. President Trump’s defenders are ferocious, relentless, and righteous.

Trump fans, take heart!

We’re lawyered up. 


It ain’t over.

Four more years!


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